Mother Warrior Goddess Queen

Jack H. H. King

For her sacrifice, we remember her titles... Ino. The lonely soul. Mother Warrior Goddess Queen. The most famous amazon warrior who ever rose. Descended from a line of African princesses, she lived as a slave in the slums of Athens, during the Age of Tyrants. Haunted by her past, broken by her present, doomed by her future, her humor was as black as her ass. It’s all she had left, other than her mama’s double-bladed battle-axe. Her mama, who died in childbirth, was one of the amazon’s greatest War Queens. Ino left her tribe, alone, as a child. Her best childhood mate longed for her to reclaim her place as Harbinger of Death. Ino simply wanted to raise her children in peace. The gods, it seemed, required her to evolve her career as a butcher. To replace her knife with an axe. Provoked by the Tyrant-God-King, who raped and ate her babies raw, for the purpose of igniting a war between the Greeks and the Amazons for his own political gain... Ino embarked upon a campaign of blood-soaked vengeance. To win freedom for her sister slaves. Proficient at her work, she moved up in rank. “Kill, drink, fuck, repeat... It’s the warrior’s life for me.” They remember her now. Mother Of Four. Warrior Who Bled. Goddess Of War. Queen Of Red.


1369 BC


INO - The title character of Mother Warrior Goddess Queen, descended from a line of African princesses, lives as a slave in the slums of Athens, during the Age of Tyrants.

IMERA - Ino’s teenage daughter, a mischief maker, with epic breasts that drive grown men to madness. She likes to sneak off to perform unspeakable acts.

CHUBBS - Ino’s infant son. He lives to pee.

KURAX - An old black slave, who Ino calls Papa Badass. He enjoys good food, walks on the beach, and domestic violence.

KURO - Kurax’s son, a palace soldier in training, who Ino calls Brother Fucker.

TWIG - The neighbor girl who watches Ino bathe. She wants to be an Amazon. She wants to feel glory.

WRINKLES - Kurax’s special lady friend, a dirty old woman, who lives in the great forest because of its great forest scent.


DRAKO - Ruler of a little city-state called Athens, a self-proclaimed Tyrant-God-King. The greatest badass the world has ever known. He seeks to conquer the world and shape it in his own image.

MALIK - Drako’s eldest son, a military general. He hates his wife, loves his children, and thinks his country has too many flute-players.

VEGA - Malik’s twin brother, three minutes younger. He doesn't trade slaves for money. He does it for fun, and free-range ass.

STINKBOY - Malik’s son, a soldier in training. At 19, he still wets the bed, and kills small animals to relax.

POLLI - Drako’s top political adviser, an empire builder and fancy-sandals addict.

REPENTINO - High Priest of the citadel, voice of The Gods, his favorite part of the day is making huge black men give him prostate massage.

THE FOUR QUASI-NUDE COURTESANS - Drako’s pet palace whores, and thus the four most powerful women in the city.

ORACLE - Drako’s grandmama, who people call Oracle because she's blind.

TURTLEBOY - Vega’s young son, guardian of the royal turtle. He likes to hump shit.


GIMUNGOUS - A soldier, the city’s favorite athlete, with record-breaking nuts.

PETITE - A soldier, Gimungous’s brother, not quite a midget, not quite a man.

TRIANGLE - A soldier who runs funny.

PICKLEJUICE - The world’s oldest whore, still in great demand.

BEAUTIFUL - The city’s most beautiful whore, imported from Africa. She plans to sleep her way to Queen.

OBESE - Five hundred pounds of sexy.

ANOREXIC - A foreign whore, with advanced techniques.

ELEVEN - The youngest whore in the brothel, who would rather bed nasty old men than live at home.


CAROL - Lord of the Goths, Drako’s favorite war ally. When drunk, he can not be defeated in battle.

GUNT - Carol’s son and Ino’s ex-husband. His warrior-woman fetish has almost got him killed 597 times.


LUSION - Ino’s childhood friend and joy toy, the Amazons’ favorite battle champion. She taught Ino how to behead enemies and have multiple orgasms.

QEANW - The current Amazon peace queen, Lusion’s manipulative mama. She likes to castrate anything with balls.

UGIA - A hulking beast of a woman, the current Amazon war queen, Lusion’s wife, and leader of the seven hashshashins.

SEMPH - Considered the sexiest Amazon and the number two hashshashin. She's addicted to kinky sex, and intends to bed Ino, or die trying.

ONE HAND - A hashshashin with one less than two hands. She does the shit work.

THE QUADRUPLETS - The final four hashshashins, identical sisters. Post battle, they get smoked and make out.

RIZA - Battle servant of Qeanw, a stout little woman with blood-red hair and breasts that defy imagination.

BASSA - Riza’s wife, battle servant of Ugia. White sand blond, with legs that go all the way down.

WRAIA - Ino’s secret half-sister. She has a great ass, and she works it. If only she could work an axe...

SIS - Wraia’s sister. She's mute, which drives the ladies wild.

LURA - Lusion’s teenage daughter, peace princess for the babettes. Great with a longbow, she's preparing for her first orgy.

SIX BEAN - Ugia’s daughter, war princess for the babettes. At six years old, she's ready for war, ready to kill men dead.

FRECKLES - Riza’s daughter, battle servant for Lura. She catches butterflies, and keeps them in her pocket.

BB - Bassa’s daughter, battle servant for Six Bean. She performs the rites for the butterfly funerals.

PINKY - Lusion’s infant daughter, an honorary babette, and the pinkest baby in the world.